Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A Carrot Story

At the start I think
They thought they had
Been put too close together
But before they new it
The bigger one put an arm
Around the little
And they came out together
As friends.

Grated with yellow squash and spring (late summer) onions, squeezed in a paper towel to get the extra water out, and sauteed  in a bit of olive oil with salt and fresh basil at the end made a delicious side to our dinner (all the better from having grown in our garden).

Friday, April 5, 2013

A Bird Day

A covey of quail crossing the road
One western bluebird on a fence post
An owl hooting hidden in a branch
Two red tailed hawks atop a tall tree
Crows screeching somewhat too loudly
One robin scampering through bush
Two geese on top of a roof
Three more on their way somewhere
Killdeer taunting us out in the field
Perhaps one hundred starlets on bush, tree and wire
Sand hill cranes dancing down the way
That's all we came across
This morning

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Are questions, the big ones,
Meant to be answered?
I'm not so sure.
Most of mine
I am quite clear now
Are not to be.

I ponder and I wonder and I think
And when I ask people about them
They think they know
And sometimes
Are quite definite about it.
But how?

Have they been there?
Have they solved it?
What has changed?
For we struggle still with
What has been
For many years.

Perhaps it's a method to cope,
A way to keep life simple,
To move on.

I still ask the questions,
Sometimes for answers
But not always.
For I am sure now
I will not find them here.

The most that I can ask for then
Is that my questions increase
In depth and wisdom and
Wonder at this complex
And amazing world
God has created.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Five Dollars

I'm selling this poem for five dollars
And I'll write another for four
The last one, I think, I'll sell for a dollar
Definitely not anymore.

I dared my husband yesterday
To ski off the side of the trail
Down into the hollow
Not far
Through unbroken snow
Lovely and pure
Sparkling and beckoning
It was
(But more than I desired
To do on my own)
And I thought he could
But not that he would
Five dollars, I said
Then he did what he had not before
With a smile on his face
He skimmed down the hill

And this morning
While setting out on a walk
I egged him to cross over our pond
Not very deep
Covered with ice
Five dollars, I said
When I have offered before
He has just shaken his head
But today he wandered right over
Put a foot on
Gently and slowly
He easily crossed
Not a crack, bump or bruise.

And while I am thankful
In both he succeeded
He was not to have agreed
From the start.

So now I owe him ten dollars.
Please won't you buy me
Out of my problem
Perhaps it is something I should
Not have started.
But I did and we smiled.
That's the story.